About Us

What is Retinasoft?

Our company was created as a way to provide a more cost effective alternative to home security and home automation technology. Our main target audience are homeowners or businesses that are wired for home security and don't want to pay the bloated price tag of the larger firms.

"Voltsec" - What is it?

Voltsec is the name of the security system we spent five years developing. It does almost everything the larger companies can do, and much more. The difference is we don't nickle and dime you to death. We point you at the open-source technology and show you how to assemble it yourself. All you pay for is a low cost monthly subscription for usage of our software and notification platform.

What open-source technology do we use?

Most of the hardware we use is open-source. We have adopted the Raspberry Pi and Arduino platforms because they are affordable, customizable and widely available.

Want to know more about our company?

Located in Des Moines, IA - we are a small firm. Our goal is to not sacrifice any aspect of home security, but to be able to deliver the same services as the larger home security firms at a more reasonable price.

Because we are a smaller firm, our overhead is quite a bit lower than our competitors. That is how we are able to offer our services at such a lower rate.

Our strategy is to build a system that we would want in our own homes. When developing our products and services, our question is always to ask ourselves how we (as home owners) would want our systems to function. And we are constantly working to improve that.